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Kuster Communications’ mission is to serve the needs of the small business person in the area of graphic design.  We can create your logo, stationary, business card and mailings.  We carry that over to your website for a cohesive professional presentation of your company to the public.

     Mary Kuster works freelance as a graphic designer assisting small business owners with their branding.  By creating a specialized look through logos, business cards, mailers and web site, a small business presents a professional appearance to his customer enhancing exposure, sales and market share.

      Kuster holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Kentucky and certification in technical writing from Ohio University. She has practical experience in graphic design, web design, photography and technical writing.

    As an artist, Kuster has exhibited her work in the United States, Germany, UK, Bulgaria, Japan, Canada and Australia. Her work can be found in 5 major international museum collections.

      She has worked as an illustrator and technical writer for GTE, Lexmark and small business owners creating user guides and training both in-house and for customers using MS Office, CorelDraw, Camtasia and Dubit.  These guides were both printed and digital for online presentation.  At The Art Depository she created exhibit posters, postcard announcements and press releases using Photoshop and MS Office, as well as a web presence with website and blog, using Dreamweaver, HTML, Flash, InDesign and CuteFTP.  Her freelance work includes creating a cohesive professional image for clients with logo, business card, stationary, business forms and website.

Other skill sets include

  • Extensive computer background in both hardware and software
  • Adjunct professor teaching MS Office products and art
  • Service evaluator requiring detailed observation and extensive narrative report writing
  • Artist consultant providing direction, marketing and presentation skills to artists
  • Executive Director of art gallery, managing client and artist relationships,  curator of exhibits, responsible for budget and inventory

    Home Portfolio About Contact